Continued from Part I.

The final arm is made mostly of craft foam. The fingers are a double layer of thin vinyl. The knuckle studs are small, colorful acrylic domes meant for decorating picture frames or something; my sister donated them. Foam-on-foam connections were glued with wood glue, which is decently strong but takes a while to dry. The elastic bands holding the first finger segments and the knuckles to the hand were glued with crazy glue. The finger joints were glued with vinyl cement.

After the arm was constructed, I applied several layers of Mod Podge to the outer surfaces, then spray painted the entire thing glossy black. (I didn’t have any matte black spray paint.) The fingers, being vinyl, didn’t take the spray paint so well and had to dry overnight. I then brushed on a thin, rough coat of “iridescent rich silver” acrylic paint, making sure to leave any crevices dark. After that dried, I highlighted any edges to look worn/scratched, and added a few thin streaks here and there to give a scratched appearance.